The Most Important Parkinson’s Advancement In 50 Years

We Are Doctors (MD, DO) Who Pioneered The Medical Research Being Taught As, “Six Hours AMA Category 1 Continuing Medical Education”

PROBLEM: The Parkinson’s death rate has increased by 328.7% since 1976 and no one knows why.

Carbidopa is one half of the combination generic combination L-dopa/carbidopa. We are doctors (MD, DO) who discovered then published: The link between the increasing death rate and carbidopa. This conference teaches why, then how to manage the problem.

This approach DOES NOT use carbidopa.


In the the United States one million people have Parkinson’s disease, 89% take the drug combination L-dopa/carbidopa drug. Carbidopa does nothing to improve Parkinson symptoms. It is only use for the control of L-dopa-induced nausea.

While the increasing death rate was previously known, nothing previously purposed changed this upward trend. This research was the first to link drug carbidopa to the death rate and progressive disability associated with Parkinson’s disease. Carbidopa depletes the vitamin B6 taken in and the B6 reserves of body.  Read: Carbidopa: The Parkinson’s death rate. This paper is peer-reviewed, in type-setting, to be published about September 15, 2014.

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We are the doctors that also discovered that many late-stage symptoms attributed to progressive Parkinson’s disease is actually due to severe carbidopa-induced vitamin B6 depletion along with other nutritional deficiencies. Correcting the problem cannot be done until the carbidopa is stopped. This is something a doctors needs to be in charge of. Stopping carbidopa usually causes L-dopa-induced nausea and vomiting. In 2009 these doctors perfected administration of nutrients which is highly effective in elevating nausea while simultaneously treating the known nutritional deficiencies associated with Parkinson’s disease.

We are the pioneering medical doctors (MD, DO) who discovered then published:  An alternative L-dopa approach without carbidopa. This is not a new treatment! It is simply based on L-dopa, a nutrient normally found in the human body. L-dopa is the most effective treatment for Parkinson’s disease. When L-dopa is administered in proper balance with other nutrients there is no unmanageable side effects which require carbidopa.

We are doctors (MD, DO) who discovered then published: A new field of medicine. Learn how to manage Parkinson patients with L-dopa as a nutrient which builds the system up, not destroys it when used as a drug, causing side effects and patient deterioration.

The nutritional considerations of the diseases and states are taught at these AMA category 1 continuing medical education (CME) conferences. They are based on the peer-reviewed research writing of presenters.

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