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Published April 5, 2016: The Parkinson unification paper

One page general overview of Parkinson’s disease under this approach

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Managing Relative Nutritional Deficiencies – based on 22 peer-reviewed papers authored by the medical doctors lecturing at these conferences.

Paper 15, titled “Relative Nutritional Deficiencies” and our most recent paper published April 2016.

An absolute nutritional deficiency occurs when not enough of a nutrient is ingested. Scurvy due to vitamin C deficiency is an example of absolute nutritional deficiency. A relative nutritional deficiency occurs then an optimal diet cannot meet the needs of the system. Cooley’s hemolytic anemia is a protocol relative nutritional deficiency induced state.  This research project has published approximately 15% of all the peer-reviewed literature ever written on relative nutritional deficiencies. The identification and management of relative nutritional deficiencies induced by drugs, nutrients, disease, and/or iatrogenic means are covered.

The prototype disease for studying relative nutritional deficiency is Parkinson’s disease. Most of the neurologic collapse and progression thought to be due to the disease is actually a relative nutrition deficiency progression. This research project has identified and published documentation of how relative nutritional deficiencies are associated with over 200 disease states along with how to manage them properly. Drugs cannot properly manage a relative nutritional deficiency. Improper administration of nutrients may cause exacerbation and new onset of relative deficiency symptoms that may wrongly be attributed to progression of the disease.


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