Drug-induced Relative Nutritional Deficiency

A cause of serotonin or dopamine precursor Relative Nutritional Deficiency™

A relative nutritional deficiency event™
Reuptake inhibitor induced serotonin and/or dopamine depletion while on an optimal diet™ 

Figures 1-3 courtesy the National Institute of Health, National Institute of Drug Abuse Division

Figure 1: Inadequate synaptic serotonin or dopamine concentrations,  symptoms of disease present.

Figure 2: The reuptake inhibitor (in yellow) blocks serotonin, dopamine, or norepinephrine (monoamines) reuptake causing neurotransmitters to move from the vesicles of the pre-synaptic neuron to the synapse. As synaptic monoamine concentrations increase relief of symptoms may occur. 

Figure 3: While monoamines are in the vesicles of the presynaptic neurons they are safe, not exposed to the MAO and COMT enzymes which metabolize them. When reuptake inhibitors induce increased synaptic monoamine concentrations increased exposure to the MAO, and COMT enzymes occur leading to increased metabolism (depletion) of monoamines. Monoamine depletion on an optimal diet represents a relative nutritional deficiency of the nutrients required by the body to synthesize monoamines. 


The only way to increase synthesis of the total number of serotonin or dopamine molecules synthesized in the central nervous system is by administering the required nutrients.™

Study: Depletion by Reuptake Inhibitors

Fluxoetine Depletes Serotonin

Uptake Inhibitor-induced Depletion

Definition: Relative Nutritional Deficiency

A relative nutritional deficiency occurs when an optimal diet does not meet the needs of the system.™

When not enough (low, inadequate, depleted, deficient, or suboptimal) ™ serotonin, dopamine, or glutathione concentrations exist on an optimal diet a relative nutritional deficiency ™ is always present. Obtaining optimal group results with nutrients requires training; many of the decisions required are counterintuitive (opposite of common sense).

Non-amino acid drugs do nothing to address the cause of the nutritional deficiency. Drugs induce abnormal function while addressing symptoms. With nutritional deficiencies, drugs do not restore normal function or address the cause of inadequate synthesis.

As neurotransmitter concentrations deplete symptoms of the disease can get worse.